INOVA X-1 High-Powered LED Flashlight

INOVA X-1 High-Powered LED Flashlight
by Bevin Chu
August 19, 2012 
Taipei, China

Recently, in addition to a 1AAA powered Fenix E01 flashlight, I also purchased a 1AA powered INOVA X-1 flashlight, from the same local Taipei shop.

This ensures that in an emergency I will be able to obtain light from either AA or AAA batteries, depending upon availability.

The 1AA powered INOVA X-1 flashlight has essentially the same virtues as the 1AAA powered Fenix E01 flashlight. It produces surprisingly bright light from a single small, commonplace, and widely available AA battery.

The 1AA powered INOVA X-1 flashlight is actually bright enough to double as a bike headlight. All that would be required is a mounting bracket.

Precision optical system

3 Position end cap switch

Electronically controlled

Long life LED

1 AA alkaline battery

I purchased my INOVA X-1 from Ray Gue Hua Knives in Taipei:


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